Students who apply for and are accepted into Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience are in for an exciting high school experience with the opportunity to earn college credit free. The school is located in Jamesville, NC. Scholars participate in field experiences to the Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center with access to research, courses, and other aspects of NC State University.

Facts and Figures:
  • Great opportunity to develop close relationships with staff and other students.
  • Parents can save up to two years of college funds since students will get college credit while in high school.
  • Strong partnerships with NC State University, Pitt Community College Biotech Center, Martin Community College, Beaufort County Community College and numerous others benefit the school.
  • The focus on biotechnology and agriscience helps prepare students for employment in these thriving fields.
  • One-to-one computers enable students to conduct research and collaborate on projects.
  • Extended learning during the summer strengthens students’ skills and broaden their exposure to work and education.

Here are some of the features of the regional school:
  • The new school opened August 2012 at the Vernon G. James Research & Extension Center in Plymouth.
  • Students from five school districts attend: Beaufort, Martin, Pitt, Tyrrell, and Washington counties.
  • The school currently has 215 9th-12th grade scholars for the 2015-16 school year.
  • Plans are for the school to grow by approximately 65 students annually with the addition of a new 9th grade class.
  • Students will earn their high school diploma and up to two years of college credit upon completing the 5-year high school program.
  • The college courses provided are free, meaning that some students may earn up to two years of college credit at no cost to their parent(s).
  • Students take the standard high school curriculum courses with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Student activities are centered on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Initially, students will not be able to participate in sports and there will be limited arts. As the school population grows, athletics and arts programs will be considered.
  • Learning will be hands-on and students must take their work seriously since they will be earning both high school and college credit.

Learn More
Parents who are interested in the Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience may contact the principal, Mr. Hal Davis, at 252-792-0241.