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The NERSBA Early College
Specializes in Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology.


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The NERSBA Difference

Specialized Education

NERSBA provides specialized education in the fields of biotechnology and agriculture.

Hands-On Experience

Students gain hands-on experience through laboratory work and farm activities.

Career Preparation

Preparing students for careers in biotechnology and agriculture.

Cutting-Edge Research

Cutting-edge research in areas such as crop production, and animal sciences.

Industry Connections

Offering opportunity to establish connections with industry professionals.

Personalized Attention

Offering smaller class sizes, allowing Students to receive individualized guidance.

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Interested In Becoming a Student?

If you are interested in biotechnology and agriculture, NERSBA can provide you with a unique educational experience that can prepare you for a career or higher education in these fields. With hands-on learning opportunities, industry connections, and personalized attention, NERSBA can help you achieve your goals.

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"I have two children who currently attend. They have been offered a vast amount of opportunities as far as education and life experiences. In October, I attended the National FFA convention with the school. I was blown away by the positivity of the FFA brotherhood." - Justina S.
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Parent Of An Up & Coming High School Student?

If you're a parent seeking a specialized education for your child who's interested in biotechnology and agriculture, NERSBA offers a unique opportunity. With a combination of hands-on learning in biotechnology and agriculture and a traditional high school curriculum, NERSBA can prepare your child for a career or higher education in these fields.

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Now Accepting Applications
“Great educational resource, with great instructors, and amazing administrator, Hal Davis. He and his staff come with many years of experience and produce some outstanding students!”
NERSBA Students
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Considering NERSBA?

Current eighth graders in The NERSBA Early College service area of Martin, Pitt, Tyrrell and Washington counties may apply for acceptance to the school. Priority is given to students whose parents did not attend college and would be first-generation college students. However, any rising ninth graders are eligible to apply.

NERSBA Students

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