• NERSBA Course Syllabus for Online Courses

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    Ms. Jennifer Marrow- jmarrow@neregionalschool.org


    Course:  Requirements for all online courses at NERSBA and courses taken on the campus of Martin Community College.

    Course Description:  Due to a variety of courses offered to our scholars, course descriptions will be provided to each scholar from the instructor of each online and/or MCC campus class.  This information will be located in each scholar’s class syllabi.  I encourage all parents to review this information.

    Grading System/Requirement/Scholar Evaluation:  All grading requirements will be set by the instructor of each online class and by the guidelines of the college institution. 

    For NERSBA final report cards, all grades will reflect a 10-point scale.

    Formal Test Administration Dates:  Test and assignments will be due on specific dates and times set by the instructor of each online and/or MCC campus class.  Scholars are encouraged to have a planner/calendar to post assignment due dates.

    Course Outline:  The course outline for each online and/or MCC campus class will be given to each scholar at the beginning of each semester with the course outline and objectives stated.

    Media/Press/Guest Speakers:  At times, we have media/press that visits our school.  With that being said, we have multimedia release forms that were provided during the first year a scholar attends NERSBA.

    Scholar Required Materials/Supplies:  Scholars are encouraged to provide a calendar to assist them with knowing required assignment/test due dates. Textbooks will be purchased by NERSBA.

    Textbooks:  NERSBA provides textbooks for all MCC classes.  In saying this, we expect all scholars to take care of their textbooks because we reuse these textbooks over a period of semesters.  Scholars are responsible for picking up and returning their textbooks to our Jamesville Campus.  If a scholar misplaces a college textbook, they will be responsible for payment.

    Communication with MCC Instructors:  All scholars are responsible for checking their email accounts daily (NERSBA and MCC).  If you have a question or issue, please email your instructor immediately and carbon copy your online facilitator so that she is aware of these issues.

    Field Trips/Extra Curricular Activities:  At times, scholars will participate in field trip experiences.  Information will be provided to you in a timely manner concerning field trips.  In saying this, scholars who attend field trips/extracurricular activities are expected to email their instructors to inform them and to make the necessary arrangements of completing the required assignments beforehand.

    Scholars are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when they are away from campus and responsible for completing all online and/or MCC campus course requirements for that day while attending field trip experiences.  Those scholars who attend classes held on MCC campus need to keep in mind that attendance requirements set forth by MCC instructors must be adhere to. 

    Classroom Rules/Policies/Procedures: 

    • Scholars will show respect in regards to their education, staff, property, environment, classmates, and time.
    • Scholars will take responsibility for their learning.
    • Scholars will honor the NERSBA Acceptable Use Agreement policies and procedures.
    • Scholars will know that cheating, plagiarizing, or copying others work is not allowed.
    • Scholars will raise their hand to be recognized.
    • Additional work outside of online classes may be completed in this classroom ONLY if approved by instructional facilitator. First priority should be given to online course requirements and assignments.
    • Scholars are required to use proper language, grammar, and sentence structure when emailing their instructors.