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Preliminary Information:

The NERSBA Early College is currently advertising for the position of interim principal currently available.  The interim principal will serve as the primary administrator of the NERSBA Early College, reporting directly to the Executive Director and Board of Directors.  This position will involve working and planning collaboratively with the executive director, coordinator of educational programs, career development coordinator/counselor, faculty and support staff and respective board committees to implement policies, instructional programs (including curricular and extracurricular) in addition to managing fiscal budgets that promote the successful educational development of each scholar and professional/career growth of the instructional NERSBA Early College teaching faculty.

Instructional rounds with appropriate faculty and building administrators are to be scheduled on a routine basis throughout the scholastic calendar.  High visibility among the NERSBA Early College scholastic community is also an expectation for the interim principal role on a daily basis.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The interim principal will hold responsibilities for all roles as noted in NCGS 115C-288 including the following:

  1. To grade and classify students
  2. To make accurate reports to the Executive Director and Board of Directors as required
  3. To serve as an instructional leader and conduct informal and formal evaluations as required by the North Carolina General Statutes and executive director
  4. To conduct Fire, Security, Severe Weather Drills and inspect the campus facilities for fire/chemical hazards as required
  5. To discipline students and assign supervisory duties to faculty/staff  
  6. To protect and maintain the scholastic property
  7. To report certain acts (including suspected child abuse) to the scholastic counselor, coordinator of educational programs and executive director and local law enforcement
  8. To develop and implement scholastic budgets and improvement plans (strategic plan)
  9. To evaluate certified and classified employees
  10. To Transfer Student Records
  11. To complete Driver Eligibility Certificates and Notify The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles of students not making satisfactory progress with their academic program of studies
  12. To assist with recruiting new scholars and promoting the NERSBA Early College scholastic community
  13. To communicate on a regular basis with all students/parents/faculty/administrative workgroup/executive director/parental advisory committee/FFA alumni and the NERSBA Early College board of directors

Geographic Locale:

The NERSBA Early College is located in northeastern North Carolina with Williamston, Plymouth, Washington, Greenville, Rocky Mount, Elizabeth City and the Outer Banks in close proximity to the campus which has central facilities in Jamesville, North Carolina within the Roanoke River basin which supports one of America’s most diverse ecosystems and abundant natural resources.


NERSBA implements the state salary schedule for scholastic administrators with appropriate supplemental pay following local NERSBA Early College guidelines.

Application Process:

Candidates wishing to make application for this position are requested to present a formal letter of application, resume and appropriate administrative licensure documentation to:

Mr. Hallet Davis, Executive Director

NERSBA Early College

1215 St. Andrews Street

Jamesville, NC  27846


This position will remain open until filled.

The Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and AgriScience Early College is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sex, ancestry, citizenship status, mental or physical disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, veteran or military status.