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Horse Evaluation Team Excels

On Saturday, April 14, the NERSBA Horse Evaluation Career Development Event Junior and Senior Teams competed at Martin Community College. The junior team consisted of Angel Brown, Sam Ivey, and Stephanie Croom. This group placed 7th out of 16 teams from across the state. The senior team consisted of Sierra Johnston, Allie Dickinson, Madison Butler, and Sarah Wilson, they placed 8th out of the state, ahead of 25 other teams in their category. This was the first time the school has had a Horse Evaluation Team. This is one of many career development opportunities available to students through FFA.

The Horse Evaluation CDE is a competition where a team consisting of 3-4 people learn how to judge horses on confirmation, balance, structure, and breed characteristics. After placing each class, participants have to learn and give a set of oral reasons on why they placed the class of horses like they did and the criteria they used to do so. Generally, participants give two sets of oral reasons, one set on a halter class, which gets down to confirmation, and the second set on a performance class which is essentially how the horse responds to the rider and how the horse moves.   


Junior Team
Junior Team: Sam Ivey, Stephanie Croom and Angel Brown


Senior Team

Senior Team: Maddie Butler, Allie Dickinson, Sierra Johnston and Sarah Wilson